Hello Giggles Reviews Callyssee

Hello Giggles wrote a review all about the Callyssee Cosmetics line of coffee-infused skincare treatments, and we don't need coffee to jump up and down in celebration!

We love the lifestyle publication Hello Giggles co-founded by Zooey Deschanel (Hi, Zooey! 👋) and now we know it loves Callyssee back. (If you haven't checked out Hello Giggles yet, we highly recommend it!)

This Callyssee review article highlights the benefits of coffee for skin and our full body scrubs in particular (the Buffing Beans Coffee Scrub available in Vanilla Bean and also Cocoa for the chocolate-lovers), since coffee is particularly excellent for exfoliating skin from face to toes.

The article also mentions our awesome Free Trial where you get six samples for free (you only cover shipping) to try out our favorite products to get started, available for both Normal-to-Dry skin and Normal-to-Oily skin:

  1. Pure Brew Micellar Cleansing Water
  2. Whipped Moisturizing Cream
  3. Doppio Firming Eye Serum
  4. Soft Whipped Body Cream Vanilla
  5. Perk Up Your Eyes Caffeine Dermis Mask
  6. Coffee Crush Exfoliating Peeling Gel

Check out a preview of the Callyssee review on Hello Giggles:

Hello Giggles Reviews Callyssee

Our Buffing Beans Coffee Scrub has also been featured by these killer publications online:

Try our Buffing Beans Coffee Scrub available in Vanilla Bean and also Cocoa for yourself - sign up below to get 10% off your first order! 😘

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