Buffing Beans Coffee Scrub - Vanilla Bean 


WHAT IT DOES: A rich cup of coffee may perk up your morning, but a great coffee scrub can do wonders for your skin! That's why Callyssee's Buffing Beans Coffee Scrub is just as addicting as your morning cup of joe. With our rich blend made from ground Coffee Robusta and just the right amount of Brown Sugar, your skin will appear to be smoother and more radiant. We've stirred in Grape-seed Oil, which contains high amounts of omega 6 essential fatty acid, is a prized ingredient known for being easily absorbed to soothe the look of skin. With a 2-3 week dose of our Cocoa Scrub, your entire body and your face will reveal a glowier version of you!

HOW TO USE: Wet your skin and lather the coffee scrub head-to-toe in circular motions. For better results, scrub longer in areas with cellulite, stretch marks, dry patches, and scars. Rinse & enjoy the smell of coffee on your skin.

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