Skincare Advice to Avoid This Summer

Skincare Advice to Avoid This Summer

How often do you ask other people for skincare advice? Hopefully, you have some really awesome friends whose advice you take seriously.

If not, don’t worry because your BFFs at Callyssee are here with a list of skincare advice to avoid this summer -- and great advice to follow in its place!

Skincare Advice to Avoid This Summer

#1. Is it ok to squeeze certain type of pimples?

Don’t pop pimples. EVER! If you do, your skin will take longer to heal and your skin could scar. Resist the urge!

#2. Do I need a base tan to prevent getting sunburned?

Sun damage is sun damage. Please wear sunscreen, find a hat you love, and seek shade to prevent premature aging of your skin and cancer of course!

#3. Coconut oil won’t cause breakouts, Can I use it on my skin?

Coconut oil may smell delicious, but sadly it is comedogenic, a.k.a. it can clog pores. Keep it off your beautiful face!

#4. Are higher SPFs in sunscreen safer?

Sunscreen of any SPF is meant to be applied every 2 hours. Be sure to apply a generous amount for it to work better. That said, yes, SPF 30 is better than SPF 8, for sure!

#5. Does using moisturizer make acne worse?

Moisturizing with a noncomedogenic lotion will actually help prevent acne. This is because when your skin is super dry, your oil glands work hard to produce more oil to balance out your skin -- unfortunately, this tends to cause oil slicks and more breakouts. *Womp womp*

#6. Are toners a waste of money?

Choose a toner free of alcohol and your skin will actually love the extra hydration!

That's it for now! 

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Now that we’ve given you some good summer skincare advice, do you have any skincare advice to avoid this summer to share with us?

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