"My Pride, My Skin" - Cami Diaz

As I reflect back on life, I realize that there’s always been certain things that prevented me from living my life without prejudice. As an immigrant, I was born in a country where sexism, racism and homophobia are the norm. After leaving my home country, I’ve had to fight internally to unlearn those behaviors and beliefs that were developed as an effect of being in that environment. 

Although the United States may have many problems itself; one aspect of this country that changed my life is the freedom to self express. Back home, it feels as if society is crafted to suppress people from showing who they really are and living life as their authentic self. Now that I live in a free country, I feel freedom to live without being judged. I feel more connected to my body and in harmony with my sexuality. The freedom to love your body and the skin you live in is so liberating.

These days I can proudly say that I live life as my true self. I am a Bisexual woman and I am not ashamed of who I am. I do not and will never live to meet anyone’s expectations. I truly love every aspect of myself and taking proper care of myself is one way that I express my pride. My heart is full of joy and I’m so happy to be working with Callyssee to share my story during Pride month. As I end this message, I encourage you to ask yourself these questions. Are you happy? Are you living the life you want to live? If the answer to those questions are no, I highly encourage you to do whatever you need to make it a yes. If you upset anyone along the way, oh well!
Happy Pride!
Pronouns: She/Her

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