All the Products You Need to Transition your Summer Skincare Routine for Fall 2021

With Fall right around the corner, we’re swapping our iced coffees for Pumpkin Spice Lattes and getting ready for Sweater Weather. But as the weather starts to get chilly and the air gets a little drier, there are a few swaps you can make to your skincare routine so you can hold onto your summer glow while still protecting your skin against a colder climate. Cooler weather usually brings dry skin and irritation along with it, so keep reading to see the swaps we recommend making to your skincare routine to transition from summer to fall skincare. 

Swap #1: Harsh Cleanser for a Milky Cleanser

Throw away any harsh, drying cleansers you might have been using over the summer and swap it out for a gentle skin milk that will cleanse your skin without over drying. The last thing you need as the air gets colder is for your cleanser to be causing redness or dry skin. A milky cleanser will keep your skin’s moisture barrier balanced and keep your skin soft. You can even use it to gently remove makeup without drying out your under eye area. Be sure to wash with warm, not hot, water to avoid over drying the skin.

Swap #2: Lightweight Moisturizer for A Thicker Cream

If your skin is on the oily side, you might be able to hold onto your summer moisturizer for a little while longer - maybe even until winter. However, if you have skin on the drier side, you might notice your skin feeling a little tight or even catching some flaky patches of skin here or there. Start swapping out a lightweight moisturizer for a thicker cream that you can use on dry patches of skin to keep your face feeling soft and smooth even if the weather is chilly and dry.

Swap #3: Eye Serum for an Eye Cream

A lightweight eye serum works great in the summer when you don’t want to layer thick products. But once the weather gets colder, you might notice the delicate skin on your under eyes feeling dry or tight. Swap out lighter eye serums for a rich, hydrating eye cream to help with puffiness and help reduce the appearance of dark circles. And don’t forget to add in an under eye mask here and there when you wake up extra puffy! Remember to be gentle with your undereye area as the skin there is very delicate and sensitive. We like to keep our under eye masks in the fridge to help with depuffing in the mornings while we sip our coffee.

Swap #4: Mud Masks for Hydrating Masks

During the summer, a lot of us opt for deep pore cleansing masks like mud masks, rather than a super hydrating mask or treatment.  But as the weather changes, we start to need and want more hydration in our skincare routine. That’s why you should add a hydrating mask to your weekly rotation to keep your skin feeling plump, hydrated and soft and to help stop dry skin before it can start to appear. You can even add a few drops of your favorite facial oil to your mask to help boost hydration. 

Swap #5: Body Lotion for Body Butter

Not only is the skin on your face probably feeling a little drier, but the skin on your body probably is, too. A lightweight body lotion is key in the summer, especially when the weather is hot and humid and the last thing you want is a thick body cream. However, once fall rolls around, you might be experiencing more dry patches and skin that feels tight or itchy. Remedy this with a great exfoliating coffee scrub paired with a luxurious body butter for skin that feels soft and supple. Bonus points if you also pair it with a body oil to seal in moisture. 

Swap #6: Hot Showers for Warm Showers

We know a hot shower might feel good after a long day, but if you’re still cranking the heat up all the way, the fall season might be a good time to rethink that. Extremely hot water is really not great for your skin and can cause it to become more dry - especially during the cooler months. Start by slowly lowering the temperature in your shower to make it a warm temperature to prevent your skin from drying out. Hot showers also can cause the skin to experience redness, so you can prevent that by showering at a cooler temperature. 

Swap #7: Lightweight Serums for Facial Oils

If you’re currently using any lightweight serums in your summer skincare routine, you might want to swap it out for a hydrating facial oil. An oil that’s right for your skin type will help seal in moisture and give your skin a healthy glow. You can also use a facial oil to give yourself a facial massage using a jade roller or guasha, which will feel incredibly soothing on a crisp fall night! We love Rosehip Oil for most skin types, but you can use whatever facial oil works best for you and your skin concerns.

As you can see, even if the weather doesn’t completely change until later in the fall season, there’s still some steps you can take to ensure your skincare routine is up to date with products that will work for your skin. 

Since it’s almost the first day of fall, we’ve got to know - what’s your go-to fall drink at Starbucks? Let us know in the comments.

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