Father's Day is just around the corner, and if you're like most people, you still haven't picked out a gift for your dad. If he's into skincare, then we've got you covered. For the dads who love taking care of their skin, we've put together the perfect Father's Day gift guide! From luxurious body washes to effective moisturizers, these eight gifts are sure to make him feel pampered. Plus, they'll help keep his skin looking healthy and youthful all year long. 

If you're looking for a special way to show your dad how much you care, check out our picks below. So sit back and relax – your gift is right here waiting for you. Happy shopping!

  1. A luxurious, exfoliating body wash

If your Dad loves coffee, he’ll love our coffee body scrub. Not only does it smell amazing, but it helps buff away dead skin cells and turn his shower into a spa-like experience. He might be new to the world of body care and exfoliating, but once he starts, he’ll never go back. 

  1. An anti-aging, exfoliating cleanser

The first step toward a great skincare routine is cleansing! Dad has to start with a clean canvas for his other skincare products to sink in, so make sure he’s effectively removing dirt, grime, pollution, and sweat from his pores with a great cleanser. 

Our Better Bean Clean Face Coffee Cleanser is the perfect cleanser - it helps brighten skin tone, improve skin texture, and helps naturally buff away blackheads and impurities while exfoliating dry or discolored patches. It’s also a great cleanser to use before shaving for men to prevent ingrown hairs on the face. Plus, the refreshing coffee scent will definitely wake him up in the morning if he doesn’t have time to grab a cup of joe!

  1. Depuffing under-eye masks

Does your dad stay up all night watching movies, reading, or gaming? Insomnia and too many late nights can seriously wreak havoc on the skin under our eyes, leaving them looking puffy and dull. Treat your dad to these luxurious under-eye patches that can totally fake a full night’s sleep.

With plumping hyaluronic acid, antioxidant-rich Green Tea extract, and our favorite Coffea Arabica extract, these patches pack a punch. Plus, they’re so easy to apply and use, that even a skincare newbie can figure it out. Your dad can wave goodbye to tired-looking eyes and look more awake in the time it takes to finish his morning coffee. 

  1. Gift card for a spa treatment

Maybe your dad would be interested in getting a facial, massage, or pedicure? If your dad’s grooming routine could use some serious TLC, you can’t go wrong with booking him a spa day or massage at a location near where he lives. He’ll appreciate the new experience, and maybe even start getting facials more regularly! If he’s apprehensive to go by himself, you should go with him and make it a special memory for the two of you. Bonus points if you get matching robes to wear the day of! 

  1. An easy to use weekly face mask

Teach Dad the habit of a once-a-week mask to deep clean his pores and exfoliate away dead skin. This Coffee Crush Exfoliating Peeling Gel is a great mask for men especially because it helps get rid of dead skin sitting on the surface, giving him a smoother shave and helping prevent ingrown hairs. 

Since Dads don’t usually engage in self-care activities, a weekly face mask is a great place to start. Pair the mask with a great book or movie and you’ve got his Sunday plans sorted. 

  1. A customized robe

This would be a great gift to pair with a gift card for a spa treatment! You can find tons of options online for a customized bathrobe - you can put his initials, name, last name, etc, or whatever fits his personality best. With tons of color and fabric options, you’re sure to find a robe that is the perfect fit for your dad or father figure online, and since it’s personalized, it’s uniquely theirs. A great gift for the dad whose Saturday morning PJs are a little worse for wear - he’ll be sure to enjoy a comfy, cozy robe instead.

  1. A ClassPass or MasterClass subscription

For the Dad who’s still working on his New Year’s Resolution to try something new, a ClassPass or MasterClass subscription could be a great option. With tons of fitness classes in his area, ClassPass will let him try out different class styles and instructors to find one that works for him. MasterClass allows him to learn from masters in multiple industries to learn new skills - so whether he’s into documentary filmmaking or baking, he’s sure to find a MasterClass topic that suits his interests. 

     8. A Precision Beard Trimmer

Upgrade your Dad’s current old beard trimmer situation with the fan-favorite  5 in 1 precision shaving system. It’s USB chargeable, 100% waterproof, and has multiple different blades so your dad will never run out of options. Luckily, it’s also Amazon Prime eligible, making it a perfect last minute gift if you’re short on time. If you combine this with the exfoliating cleanser and face mask, you’ve got a great gift for dads with beards! He can also use it as a hair trimmer, nose hair trimmer, and body groomer, making it a multipurpose gift.

So, what are you planning on getting for your Dad for Father’s Day this year? Make sure you don’t forget to give him a nice heartfelt card, too!

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