My Beauty Galleria Features Callyssee Coffee Scrub

My Beauty Galleria featured Callyssee Cosmetics as a summer must-have, and trust us, that got us more excited than coffee ever could! We're just about jumping for joy over here!

We love the beauty and cosmetics blog, written by Jelena, a beauty industry insider! She's as passionate and dedicated to finding (and using) the best skincare products as we are, and that makes the feature in her article, How to Get Your Body and Hair Summer Ready, that much more thrilling for us! Check out the rest of her blog here!

My Beauty Galleria - coffee scrub review Callyssee

In her article, she talks about her go-to products to get her skin ready for the summer season. Focusing on our Callyssee Buffing Beans Coffee Scrub, she describes the benefits of the exfoliating and moisturizing product.

"You know how a rich cup of coffee can perk up your morning and make the best day seem even better?" She asks. "Well, a great coffee scrub can do the same thing for your skin." 

Of course, she talks about the ingredients in the product that ensure that our scrub is a cut above the rest!

"Coffee Robusta ground from the whole bean and blended with just the right amount of Brown Sugar and Cocoa Powder," ingredients that additionally help exfoliate, even tone, and perk up the skin.

She also didn't forget to mention the additional ingredient of Avocado Oil, which nourishes the skin as the scrub exfoliates, and has anti-aging benefits!

Callyssee Cosmetics has a whole line of coffee-infused products to help wake up your skin for any season. Want to perk up your skin for the summer like My Beauty Galleria? Check out the Buffing Beans Coffee Scrub in Cocoa or Vanilla!

It's perfect for after the beach to help you scrub off the sand and get your glow on, from face to toes. And for when those mornings when you need a little extra help waking up in the morning - just pop your scrub into the shower and slough off those dead skin cells with a heavenly coffee scent, leaving your dewy and extra gorgeous.

Get your scrub on! (And get 10% off when you sign up below!)

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