Celebuzz Reviews Buffing Beans Coffee Scrub

Celebuzz reviewed the Buffing Beans Coffee Scrub in Cocoa from Callyssee in Celebuzz’s Favorite Things – May 2017 and they loved it!

Here's what the Celebuzz reviewer had to say about our killer coffee scrub perfect for use from head to toes:

"As a coffee addict, I'm obsessed with this body scrub! I mean, how cute is the packaging? The bottle is actually plastic, so I'm not afraid of keeping it in the shower for those mornings when I really need coffee to wake up."


About the Buffing Beans Coffee Scrub in Cocoa

Mmm. You know how a rich cup of coffee can perk up your morning and make the best day seem even better? Well, a great coffee scrub can do the same thing for your skin.

Coffee scrubs are said to have long-term results, including increased circulation near areas of application, improved surface skin cell turnover and reduction in the appearance of bumps and ridges caused by cellulite. Our Cocoa Coffee Scrub is made from Coffee Robusta ground from the whole bean and blended with just the right amount of Brown Sugar and Cocoa Powder. We also stir in generous amounts of rich Avocado Oil which is frequently used for its skin-nourishing and anti-aging benefits.

Post-scrub, legs, elbows, upper arms, and even your face will appear smoother and more toned. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, you’re looking particularly bootylicious today!

P.S. The Buffing Beans Coffee Scrub is also available in Vanilla Bean!

How to use the Buffing Beans Coffee Scrub

  1. Simply wet your skin in the shower or tub and apply our scrub in gentle, circular motions
  2. Repeat every time you shower for best results
  3. Follow with our Soft Whipped Body Cream or Smooth-as-Butter Body Butter to keep skin hydrated

Watch our video on how to use it for best results:


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