Macaron Bath Bombs: Pamper Evening Must-Have?

Once in a while, more often than not, we just need to take a break and have a deserving “ME time”. By stimulating our five senses, we can feel like royals in a spa-like at-home experience. And regarding this, Callyssee Macaron Bath Bombs are a true must-have when choosing the elements for a fun and stylish pamper evening. A word of warning though: please, resist the urge to eat these cute and mouth-watering macaron bath bombs. Their bright colors, mild aromas and fizzy sensation are clue for a great bath relaxing experience.

Here are 11 Steps For the Ultimate Pamper Evening Using Macaron Bath Bombs:

To set the mood, start by lighting a few candles.

Scented oils will help you achieve this goal. Rosemary or ginger will help clear you mind. Chamomile and sandalwood are good for relaxation. Rose and geranium will uplift your mood.

Create a great ambience with music

In this matter, there is no right or wrong. Whether it is a cheerful tune to sing (and dance!) along, a jazz jam or the sounds of nature, the key is to enjoy YOUR moment.

Enjoy a drink and a snack

As you make yourself comfortable, and while the bathtub is being filled with warm water, how about a cold, refreshing drink? If you are aiming to liven up your spirit, grab 3 or 4 of your favorite fruits and vegetables and put them in a blender to make a smoothie. Try playing with colors for a better result (and a jaw-dropping Instagram feed!): orange, peach and carrot; green apple, celery, cucumber and spinach; strawberries, blueberries and beetroot. For a more relaxing experience, green tea or chamomile tea will work great. And, of course, if it is age-appropiate, you can treat yourself with a nice cup of wine. Consider adding real macarons as a fancy snack.


Drop a Macaron Bath Bomb into the Water

After all this preparation, you are now ready for your bath. Before jumping in the water, pick one of the Macaron Bath Bombs: sweet strawberry, warm vanilla or mouthwatering cupcake. Remove the seal and drop it into your bathtub. The bath bomb will dissolve, allowing all the ingredients to release into the bath water. These ingredients will soften your skin and soothe your achy spots.


Relax and take the day off

Now it is time to lay back and relax in the bathtub. Enjoy that fizzy sensation, your drink, that nice music, and, why not, a good book. Let the bath bombs do their work.


Find a good read

Granted, who has time to read with the fast paced lives we live nowadays? However, making the time is key. Take the book or magazine to that bath with you. Sit back and get lost in its words. Be sure to make it a fun read, though. This will help you relax and unwind.


Scrub, scrub, scrub

Then you can begin your beauty routine with a gentle body scrub to remove all dead cells and make room for new and bright ones. Do not forget to scrub your feet: they have to bare the weight of our whole body, so it is really soothing to give them a massage every now and then.


Prep your hair

Once the body is done, lets move to the hair. Shampoo your hair with a product that is suitable for your hair type. Gently massage your scalp and feel that relaxing sensation. Then rinse it thoroughly making sure there is no product left in your hair. Pro tip: the last rinse should be with cold water in order to re-activate blood circulation.


Time for hair and face treatments

Now get some fluffy towels and wrap yourself comfortably as you feel the softness of cotton around your body. Beauty routine is not over: it is time for the hair and face masks. Hair treatment should be put on the ends and middle sections. As each product has its own way of usage, follow the instructions on the label for better results. While you wait for the mask to work its magic, let’s jump to the face mask. Just choose the right one for your skin type, apply it as said on the label, then lay back and enjoy the moment. You earned it.


Perfect time to moisturize!

After that almost Zen moment, and having rinsed the products, one of the last steps is moisturizing. During the bath session, the pores open up due to the warmth of the water. So this is the perfect time to apply our favorite moisturizers: one for the body and one for the face. While moisturizing your body, please pay special attention to knees and elbows, as they tend be dryer than other body parts. And, again, do not forget to moisturize your feet!


Give yourself a mani and pedi

Are you enjoying your own private moment? To crown it up, choose a nice colored nail polish and give yourself a deserving manicure and, of course, pedicure (that is why we have been preparing our feet all this time!).

Is pampering yourself doable? Yes — you just need to make time for it. Ask your husband to please put the kids to bed this one night. As pamper evening comes to an end, we feel more relaxed, more beautiful and more thankful for having taken this time for us. We deserve it!

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