Get the Glow: 5 Best Ingredients to Exfoliate Your Body

When it comes to exfoliating your body, you likely want to take a different approach than you would for your face. After all, the face is gentle and needs a little TLC during the exfoliating process. The body? Not so much. Chances are you want to get in there and buff away all those imperfections like dry patches and cellulite with more powerful ingredients to exfoliate your body that you would use on your face.

To help you find the perfect contenders, we spoke with the skincare and beauty researchers at Callyssee Cosmetics to glean their top picks for ingredients to exfoliate your body and get that glow from neck to toe. Here’s what we recommend that you try.

Get the Glow: 5 Best Ingredients to Exfoliate Your Body

#1 White Sugar

While the gentle texture of brown sugar is a great choice for a face scrub, the skin on your body - especially duller, rougher bits around your elbows, knees, ankles, and feet - craves the coarser grains of white sugar.

It also pairs nicely with citrus fruit, pineapple, or mango for an effective, sweet-smelling scrub with plentiful antioxidants that simultaneously lend other benefits to your skin, like the brightening effects of vitamin C or the skin-loving, healing effects of vitamin E.

#2 Salt

Sea salt may be a little harsh for the face, but it works wonders on the tougher skin of the body. It’s especially efficient at shedding old skin and evening out rough or dry patches. Perfect for using after workouts or a day spent in the sun, plus this will make sure you get all the sweat and sunscreen off your bod while you cleanse.

#3 Coffee

Coffee is such a powerful skincare ingredient that it makes for a perfect choice for either your face or your body (we're obsesseddd with coffee here at Callyssee, obviously). With great exfoliating power, a high caffeine content and big-time antioxidants, it’s sure to get your body back in great shape.

In Callyssee Cosmetics's Buffing Beans Coffee Scrub (available in both Cocoa and Vanilla Bean), you’ll find Coffea Arabica (Organic Green Coffee) Seed Extract, which has even more antioxidant power than green tea, as one of the scrub ingredients to exfoliate your body.

#4 Oatmeal

Oatmeal is one of those great ingredient that works equally well on both the face and the body. A finer ground oatmeal is typically found in face scrubs, while the oats in body scrubs tend to be a bit coarser.

Either way, they exfoliate effectively while offering an anti-inflammatory nourishing component that's great for all skin types. It's the bee's knees for relieving dryness and inflammation, whether you're recovering from winter dullness or are suffering from annoying insect stings, rashes, or eczema.

#5 Citrus

Citrus is a great secondary component for body scrubs that can brighten and lighten the skin with its high antioxidant content. Vitamin C in particular (which is abundant in citrus fruits like lemons and oranges, in addition to other yum fruits like strawberries) is a hugely brightening antioxidant, aiding in lightening dark spots caused by the sun's UV rays and aging.

Citrus fruit antioxidants also both moisturize and accelerate cell turnover as they remove dead skin cells via gentle exfoliation - if you want to glow, look to citrus fruits as scrub ingredients to exfoliate your body!

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