Callyssee Holiday Gift Guide: Skincare Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Holiday Gift Guide

With the holiday season finally here, are you scrambling to find gifts for everyone on your list? We know how hard it can be to find the perfect gift, so don’t worry - we did the hard work for you. We’ve put together a beauty and skincare gift guide that has gift ideas for everyone (and we mean everyone) on your list. From cleansers to bath bombs and everything in between, there’s sure to be a skincare gift that will make gift-giving so easy this season. 

Keep reading to see our favorite gift ideas for parents, siblings, friends, and everyone else this holiday season.

For the Skincare Junkie: Callyssee Holiday SOS Bundle

Got a bestie who’s obsessed with skincare? The friend who predicts Tik Tok beauty trends before they go viral? Started a skinstagram before it was cool? Then you’ve got to hook her up with our limited edition holiday beauty bundle, full of all our favorite Callyssee goodies that any skincare junkie is sure to love. 

The Holiday SOS Bundle has everything you need to prepare for upcoming festivities and then recover your skin after the parties are over! The following products are included to soothe your skin: 

  1. Perk Up Your Eyes Caffeine Dermis Masks:  Depuff and brighten your under eyes after nights out at holiday parties in the time it takes to check your inbox or walk the dog!

  2. Uh! Oh! Breakout Banish Pimple Patches: Stop holiday stress induced breakouts in their tracks.

  3. Buffing Beans Coffee Scrub - Cocoa: With a decadent cocoa scent, this coffee scrub will keep your skin glowing and smooth this holiday season - even in the dead of winter!

  4. Demitasse Firming Facial Serum: Keep your skin plump, hydrated and firm so you look your absolute best in photos.

For your teenage brother or sister:  Uh Oh! Breakout Banish Pimple Patches

If your sibling’s been blessed with the gift of teenage skin (a.k.a. pimples and breakouts everywhere) do them a favor and introduce them to the magic that is pimple patches. If you haven’t heard, we recently launched pimple patches made from 100% hydrocolloid. They basically make pimples magically disappear overnight by absorbing the gunk inside of your pimples and allowing the spot to heal. You can read more about them here. We sure wish these magical pimple patches were around when we were teenagers, so your siblings are sure to appreciate the gesture!

For your workaholic friend: Bath Set

For the friend who’s always on the go and basically glued to her Slack notifications, you’ve got to give them the opportunity to chill out. We have plenty of bath and body products that will turn her bathroom into a spa, like bath bombs and bath salts. Put them together in a cute gift basket with a cozy robe and slippers and you’ve got yourself an amazing gift. (And maybe throw in a bottle of wine - or two!)

Be sure to check out our blog post on having a relaxing spa night at home here to give your friend some inspiration!

For your dad: Better Bean Clean Face Coffee Cleanser 

Even if your dad isn’t into skincare, he’ll definitely appreciate this coffee cleanser, especially if he loves coffee as much as we do! The perfect exfoliant, it’s especially great for prepping the skin before a close shave, and to help buff away dry, flaky skin which can be a pesky problem especially during the cold, winter months. If your dad has facial hair, he’ll love using this scrub to keep his skin clean and soft and prevent ingrown hairs or clogged hair follicles that can result from consistent shaving. Plus, the refreshing scent will definitely wake him up in the morning if he doesn’t have time to grab a cup of joe!

For your gamer boyfriend: Perk Up Your Eyes Caffeine Dermis Mask

Does your boyfriend stay up all night gaming? Too many late nights can seriously wreak havoc on the skin on your under eyes, leaving them looking puffy and dull. Treat your boyfriend to these luxurious under eye patches that can totally fake a full night’s sleep. With plumping hyaluronic acid, antioxidant-rich Green Tea extract, and our favorite Coffea Arabica extract, these patches pack a punch. Plus, they’re so easy to apply and use, even a skincare newbie can figure it out. Your bf can wave goodbye to tired-looking eyes and look more awake in the time it takes to finish his morning coffee. 

For your mom: Extra Smooth Anti Aging Cream

If your mom is starting to complain about her skin showing signs of aging or wrinkles, (it happens to all of us!) treat her to this dreamy, luxurious anti-aging cream. The moisture-rich formula has Date Seed extract which is known to have an anti-aging effect thanks to its antioxidant properties. It also has softening shea butter and Coffea Arabica extract that helps skin look fresh and youthful while also reducing the oxidative and environmental stress on the skin. Your mom is going to love it!

For your favorite coworker: Perk Up Your Face Caffeine Dermis Mask

Gift your coworker who you actually don’t mind seeing on Zoom calls every day this skin-boosting mask that has tons of skin benefits. Not only does it help hydrate the skin, but it acts like a cup of coffee for your skin, perking up any dullness, fine lines, or wrinkles. Plus, it feels amazing on tired or puffy skin when stored in the refrigerator beforehand. Your coworker will love this mask so much, she might “accidentally” forget to take it off before a meeting. Hey, we’re not judging! 

For Grandma: Cloud Soft Bod

Does anyone not love a great body cream? Treat your grandma to this skin-softening body moisturizer that will keep the skin on her hands and body super soft and supple with a yummy vanilla scent. 

Is there any better gift than skincare? Fun to give and even better to receive, there’s a great skincare gift out there for everyone. What skincare products will you be gifting this year? 

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