Easily Reduce Puffiness with a Caffeine Dermis Mask

When you wake up in the morning before a big meeting and the first things you see are under eye puffiness and dark circles, it can be a bummer. The good news is, you can easily reduce puffiness with a caffeine dermis mask!

How to Reduce Puffiness with a Caffeine Dermis Mask

If you have puffiness around various areas of your face, you can reach for a whole face caffeine dermis mask like our Perk Up Your Face Caffeine Dermis Mask.

Now, if you only have puffiness under your eyes, you'll be good to go with the Perk Up Your Eyes Caffeine Dermis Mask from Callyssee (psst... you can get a deluxe size version here).

How it Works to Reduce Puffiness on Your Face

The caffeine in your coffee does more than just taste good: it also wakes you up, buttercup! When applied under the eyes in the form of a mask, the caffeine can also help you look fresher, younger, and more awake. 

With these caffeine dermis masks, the delicate skin under your eyes is nourished with an organic green coffee extract and an aloe vera leaf extract as well. Together, these work to reduce the look of wrinkles, swelling, and dark circles on your face.

On top of that, organic coffee bean extract can help to increase collagen production, and hyaluronic acid also helps to lessen the look of wrinkles as it plumps up your skin. 

Because caffeine pulls moisture away from fat cells,  caffeine dermis masks can help calm puffiness (which can add years to your appearance). The antioxidants in coffee can help to reduce the appearance of dark circles that can sometimes make a person look tired.

How Does a Caffeine Dermis Mask work?

In a skincare regimen, caffeine is typically applied to the skin. This comes in the form of a mask, a facial scrub, maybe even a moisturizer. Caffeine is a substance that can be absorbed through the skin, and that’s part of how these masks work to make you look younger and more awake.

Ready to try it for yourself? Swoop your own right here:

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