Buffing Beans Cocoa Coffee Scrub Featured in Hello Giggles

Oh, Hello Giggles gives us so many reasons to love them! How can't we, when they like our products so much? We were featured in their post about World Chocolate Day—what a way to celebrate! Our Buffing Beans Cocoa Coffee Scrub was showcased alongside 11 other products featuring arguably the world's most delicious skincare ingredient: chocolate!

"Finally, we have an official day where we can meditate on the pure delight an unwrapped bar of dark chocolate bestows upon our taste buds and hearts," says Bronwyn Isaac, the author of the article.

Preach! Just add amazing skin to the list of why chocolate makes us so happy, and we totally agree, because if it isn't a day dedicated to coffee that will make us jump for joy, it's a day dedicated to cocoa! And we're all about our Buffing Beans Cocoa Coffee Scrub to celebrate chocolate (and coffee) e'rry day!

Callyssee Buffing Beans Cocoa Coffee Scrub Featured in Hello Giggles

Hello Giggles is a lifestyle blog that was co-founded by Zooey Deschanel (hey girl! How's it going?) and always has beauty recommendations that are to die for! And we're not just saying that because they like us so much. Check out another article on Hello Giggles featuring our body scrub here. Or, if you just want to explore their site, click here; you wont regret it!

About the Buffing Beans Cocoa Coffee Scrub

The Buffing Beans Cocoa Coffee Scrub in delicious chocolate also comes in Vanilla. They both smell incredible, and both work wonders in exfoliating, moisturizing, and nourishing the skin! Brown Sugar, Coffee, and Cocoa help with skin renewal and evening tone, while the addition of avocado oil provides moisturizing and anti-aging benefits.

Callyssee Cosmetics has a whole line of coffee-infused (and sometimes chocolate) products to help wake up your skin for any season. Want to perk up your skin for the summer like Hello Giggles? Check out the Buffing Beans Cocoa Coffee Scrub here or its sister scrub in Vanilla!

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