Beauty Advice for 2022: What to Do to Have the Best Skin Year Ever

Now that the crazy year that was 2021 has come and gone, we’ve never been more excited for the new year. Is it just us, or was 2021 even crazier than 2020?! Whatever the case may be, we love the feeling of a fresh start that a new year brings. It’s always motivating to have a “clean slate” to set goals and expectations for the year ahead, and while many turn to fitness resolutions, we’re switching it up and turning to skincare and beauty resolutions. 

Maybe this year your goal is to say bye to acne for good, clear up pigmentation, or finally figure out a skincare routine that targets your specific skin type. Whatever it may be, write down your goals now so you can keep track of the progress throughout the year. You’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish without realizing it. 

We’ve rounded up some of the best beauty advice we shared on our blog in 2021, along with some tips for how to reveal flawless skin for the new year. Keep reading to see how you can achieve all your #SkinGoals this year by making the right changes and using the right products.

Incorporate more vitamins and minerals into your diet

Have you ever heard the saying, “healthy skin starts from within”? It definitely has some truth behind it, because in some cases, a deficiency in a vitamin or mineral can cause our skin to appear dull and allow pesky acne blemishes to form.

There are many skincare and beauty supplements out there that don’t actually do anything but make some big claims. However, there are some key vitamins and minerals that actually play a role in maintaining your skin health and can help improve the appearance of your complexion overall: collagen, selenium, zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and healthy fats.

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Get rid of old beauty products that you no longer use

When was the last time you went through your skincare or beauty collection? Chances are, there’s a lot of products that you never use anymore, or worse, expired products. You should go through your collection at least once a season to make sure you aren’t using products that could potentially be harboring harmful bacteria.

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Learn the right way to apply skincare products and when

While there’s still much debate in the skincare community about how many skincare products are needed for an effective skincare routine, there’s one thing many skincare enthusiasts agree on: the order you apply your skincare matters. You wouldn’t start putting on serums or moisturizers before washing your face, right? There’s a way to layer your skincare products so you can maximize their effectiveness and enjoy the benefits of multiple products. Plus, there are certain products that are better used in the morning than at night, and vice versa. And you wouldn’t want to mix ingredients together that don’t play nice together to avoid irritating your skin. 

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Consider making the switch to cruelty-free beauty products

If you love animals, then you would probably agree that animal testing for cosmetic purposes has no place in 2022. Products can be proven effective without the need to test on animals. We can all do our part in being a little kinder to others and animals, and since there are so many cruelty-free brands these days you won’t even miss the brands that aren’t cruelty-free! You might be surprised at how many brands you use that are already cruelty-free - like Callyssee! 

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Finally learn how to treat a pimple

If you’re guilty of breaking out the big guns as soon as a pimple appears, we feel you. In 2022, it’s time you learned how to treat a pimple without making it worse - that means no squeezing, popping, putting toothpaste on it, or any of the outdated advice that actually does the opposite of treating the pimple. We’re all about keeping our hands off and using innovative acne products like pimple patches to stop a breakout from getting out of hand.

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Find the right ingredients and products for your skin type

With so many skincare products out there, it can be hard to figure out what works best for you and your skin. Once you determine what type of skin you have, you can finally find effective products that work for your specific skin concerns. We have multiple blog posts on skincare routines for different types of skin, so be sure to check them out and learn more.

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Don’t forget about the skin on your body, too!

With such a focus on facial skincare, many of us neglect to care for the skin on our bodies. When you take the time to invest in body care, you’d be surprised at how much better and more confident it makes you feel! Make an effort to apply body lotion daily to keep your skin soft and supple, and indulge in a bath every once in a while to show your body as much love as you give the skin on your face. Don’t forget to exfoliate either!

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Think of skincare as a form of self-care, not a chore

We know some nights the last thing you want to do is wash your face and do a skincare routine. But you should make a conscious effort to think of skincare as a form of self-care and a way to show yourself love and take some time for yourself, and even improve your mental health.

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What are your skincare and beauty goals for 2022? Let us know the best beauty advice you’ve ever gotten below! 

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