UH! OH! Breakout Banish Pimple Patches


WHAT THEY DO: UH! OH! You’ve got a pimple. These pesky things can show up at any age, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Our breakthrough pimple patches will work magic by helping you reduce the appearance of blemishes with our star ingredient, Hydrocolloid. This moisture retentive plant based gel gently absorbs and retains gunk, turning white when it’s ready to be removed and replaced. Because it goes on clear, feel free to add your makeup on and around it so you can go on with your day without sharing your secret. For overnight magic, apply before bedtime and remove in the morning. These suckers can also be applied to breakouts on the body, so don’t forget to share. *Contains 36 patches 

HOW TO USE: Cleanse skin and apply 1 clear patch to each blemish, adhesive side down. Leave patch on until it turns white, or remove after 6 hours. Can also be applied at bedtime for an overnight treatment, and removed in the morning. For best results, cleanse skin prior to application with our Better Bean Clean Face Coffee Cleanser or Macchiato Foaming Cleansing Scrubber for the ultimate skin prep.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Hydrocolloid 


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