Demitasse Firming Facial Serum


WHAT IT DOES: Tighten the appearance of your skin with our Demitasse Firming Facial Serum. Perfect for a daily dose on it's own, or on top of your favorite water-based cream, for those days when you need to perk yourself up. This deep treatment combats wrinkles and fine lines to reduce their appearance. Ingredients such as Jojoba Oil, otherwise known as a natural conditioner, pampers the skin while Vitamin E soothes and softens the look of dry skin. Antioxidant rich Vitamin C, known for its brightening properties, hydrates and illuminates your skin and will instantly get the boost it deserves!

HOW TO USE: Apply to dry and cleansed skin. Smooth a layer of the serum over face and neck. Allow time for serum to absorb into skin before applying makeup or moisturizer (if not water-based). If using a water-based cream, you may apply this serum on top of your cream after you have given it some time to dry.

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