TFW-Callyssee Gets a Magazine Feature!

For over ten years, SHEEN Magazine has been described as “the ultimate beauty guide for the modern-day woman,” and Callyssee has just made its debut!

SHEEN Magazine prides itself with remaining current in the fashion, hair, entertainment and—of course—beauty world, so it was only natural to include Callyssee Cosmetics. In its very first issue of 2019, SHEEN Magazine introduced the “31 Day Fitness Rejuvenation,” a daily guide to focus on creating a “lifestyle of external and internal fitness.” Part of that daily self-care routine was the Callyssee Buffing Beans Coffee Scrub.

Our Buffing Beans Coffee Scrub is made with all-natural ingredients without any additional preservatives.

It is the perfect start to any Monday and a great pick-me-up for every Saturday! Our coffee scrub increases circulation near areas of application, which already helps you work on that “internal fitness” with minimum effort and reduces the appearance of bumps and ridges caused by cellulite, improving and streamlining the look you’ll be working on during the 31 Day Fitness Rejuvenation.

The struggle doesn’t have to stay real in 2019 – take a step to make it better with Callyssee!

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