Callyssee Press Release Goes Wide!

The first Callyssee press release about our new brand of caffeinated beauty has spread far and wide, informing many of our skincare line that offers all coffee-lovers brighter, glowier, more toned and beautiful skin.

We beautify & caffeinate via our array of products including coffee face masks, cleansers, scrubs, moisturizers, and more -- all containing our favorite ingredient: coffee bean extract. We are obsessed with coffee, after all!

As noted in the first Callyssee press release,

"Additional benefits of the coffee bean extract used in all products are known to include: boosting collagen protection, firming skin, reducing redness, improving texture, ridding of wrinkles, detoxing the skin, protecting from the sun, boosting circulation, fighting anti-aging and many more."

Callyssee's first press release got picked up by the following online publications and platforms:

And The Beauty Briefing also wrote about us - check out their article here!

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