Spring Clean your Beauty Routine: When to Toss Old Beauty Products

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Now that spring is finally here, you’ve probably been making phasing out some winter skincare for more lightweight spring skincare and makeup. But before you dig out last year’s products, you should definitely make sure you’re not using expired makeup and skincare! We’ve put together a guide so you’ll know when products should be thrown out so you’re not putting old, expired products on your face and body.

Why You Need to Toss Old Makeup and Skincare 

You wouldn’t use old, dirty towels on your face and body, so why should you use old beauty products? Besides the fact that older beauty products may no longer be effective, (like dried out mascara or moisturizer that smells a little off) they can also be a source of bacteria, germs and mold. That can cause serious skin irritation as well as acne and breakouts. The more wet a product is, like mascaras or creams, the higher chance it has for bacteria to grow. Powder based products like eyeshadow can usually last longer. 

When to Toss Skincare Products 


Moisturizer can be kept for 6 months to a year. If your moisturizer comes in a jar that you dip your fingers into, be aware that you’re potentially contaminating it with bacteria from your hands. We suggest keeping your moisturizer stored at room temperature to maximize its shelf life. If you’re looking for a new moisturizer to swap for the spring, our Whipped Moisturizing Cream comes in a tube (so you don’t have to worry about contamination!) and is perfectly lightweight and hydrating. 

Body Lotion 

Body lotion lasts a little longer, about 6 months to a year. Still, it’s coming up on year since last spring, so you’d probably be best finding a new body lotion to use this season. We love our Smooth as Butter body butter because it makes the skin on your body look smooth and supple, just in time for warmer weather! 


Cleansers last up to a year, so if yours is older than that or you’re looking for a new cleanser for spring, check out our Better Bean Clean Face Coffee Cleanser.  

When to Toss Beauty Products 

Mascara + Eye Products  

The average life span of your average mascara is 3-6 months. Yup, you read that right! Here’s why: eye products like mascaras and eyeliners can seriously harbor bacteria and germs, increasing your risk of infections and sties. Be on the safe side and change yours every 3-4 months, or more frequently if you experience sties or pink eye. Liquid eyeliners should be changed every 3-6 months, while pencil liners can last a bit longer. 

Foundation + Face Products 

Liquid and cream based face products like foundation, cream blush or liquid highlighter can last anywhere from 6 months to a year, and less if you’re using your fingers in the bottle/tube. If you notice the oils in your foundation are separating or the color is off, you’d be best to toss. 

Lip Products 

Lip products typically last at least a year, but it depends on the formula. If you notice mold growing on your lipstick, toss ASAP! 

How often do you swap out your skincare and beauty products? Let us know below. 

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