Is a Skincare Fridge Worth It? What To Keep In a Skincare Fridge And Why

Like us, you’ve probably seen the skincare fridge trend all over the internet and social media, especially TikTok. Standing at less than a foot tall and coming in a variety of colors and prints, these mini fridges are being used to store varying skincare and beauty items, like sheet masks, facial tools, under eye gels, moisturizers, serums, and more. But we were curious - is a skincare fridge really worth it? Do we really need to be storing our skincare products in the fridge? We investigated this trend so you don’t have to - keep reading to see if this trend is worth the hype!

What is the purpose of a skincare fridge? 

Skincare fridges can be used for multiple reasons. For starters, the fridges can help keep your skincare products close to your bathroom or vanity, which is especially useful if your kitchen fridge is far away from where you do your normal skincare routine. Plus, there’s something so fun and luxurious about having a tiny, colorful or stylish fridge solely dedicated to your beauty routine! 

Second, some fresh, natural or clean skincare products and homemade beauty products might have a shorter shelf life, and thus keeping them in the fridge can help them last a bit longer. It can also help inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungus on skincare products. Refrigeration can slow down the oxidation process and as a result, expand your product’s lifespan. 

Finally, there’s something so refreshing about using chilled beauty products that are fresh out of the cold fridge. We’ll touch more on this later on in this post, but nothing beats a cold face mask on a day where you’ve been out in the heat.

It’s important to note that most beauty fridges have a higher operating temperature than a regular kitchen refrigerator - so a beauty fridge might be in the 45 - 50 degrees fahrenheit range, while a normal kitchen fridge is usually in the 34 - 40 degrees range. So while the temperature of a beauty fridge will be fine for chilling beauty products, it’s not cold enough for fresh food and groceries that need to be kept at a certain temperature.

What products should you keep in a skincare fridge?

Sheet masks: Would a skincare fridge be complete without a stock of sheet masks? Perfect after a stressful day or after a sleepless night, increase the benefits of your sheet mask by keeping it in the fridge. Redness and inflammation are no match for a cooling sheet mask. Looking for a new sheet mask to add to your collection? Try our Perk Up Your Face Caffeine Dermis Mask for soft, hydrated skin.

Under-eye gels: An absolute MUST for your skincare fridge. Say buh-bye to puffy eyes and dark circles with a refreshing under-eye mask that you can apply in the mornings while you drink your morning coffee or answer emails. By keeping it in the fridge, the chilled effect on your skin will not only feel refreshing, but help reduce any puffiness or swelling from sleeping. We love our Perk Up Your Eyes Caffeine Dermis Mask for this very reason - these under eye patches are PERFECT for storing in your skincare fridge. 

Beauty tools: To really enjoy the benefits of your jade rollers, gua sha, and other beauty tools, keep them in the fridge. Not only will they help reduce puffiness and swelling, but they will feel incredible on your skin and give you that luxurious, spa-like experience when giving a facial massage. Perfect for a self-care day!

Water and Gel Based Moisturizers: Have you ever had a really bad sunburn on your face or body, and everything feels hot on the skin? Keeping aloe vera gel or facial moisturizers in your skincare fridge will have a cooling effect on the skin, which will help soothe burns and also help reduce some of the inflammation caused by the burn.

Vitamin C Serums: Vitamin C has one of the shortest shelf lives of any skincare products - so keeping it in the beauty fridge is your best bet for slowing down the oxidation process and keeping it stable. 

What products should not go in your skincare fridge?

Any oils, or oil-based products, and serums should not go in your skincare fridge. Doing so could cause the products to solidify, which could ruin the products and possibly even have a negative affect on their active ingredients. Oils and serums should be kept at room temperature for best results. 

What are the benefits of chilled skincare products?

Chilled skincare products and cold beauty tools can have multiple different effects on the skin. For one, it just feels better than room temperature products, especially if you suffer from redness, acne, or puffy skin. Cold products have an especially soothing effect on inflamed or irritated skin. 

Is a skincare fridge a must-have purchase?

It really depends on your personal needs and how far you are willing to go for your skincare and beauty collection, but a skincare fridge could be worth it if you use a lot of clean and natural beauty products. If you’re a serious sheet masker or love using beauty tools, a beauty fridge could make the experience a lot more soothing and relaxing by keeping your products chilled. If you’re currently keeping your skincare products in a humid bathroom, the skincare fridge could help inhibit the growth of bacteria on your products, too. 

But if you don’t have a lot of skincare products and don’t have the space in your apartment, your kitchen fridge will do just fine. Ultimately, you have to decide if a skincare fridge makes sense for your lifestyle! 

Do you own a skincare fridge? If yes, let us know why you love it (and what you keep in it!) in the comments below.

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