How To Celebrate International Women’s Day

Happy March! Did you know not only is International Women’s Day celebrated on March 8th, but the entire month of March is Women’s History Month? Yep, that’s right - an entire month dedicated to celebrating and empowering women across the country. 

 History of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month

According to the official Women’s History Month website, “since 1995, presidents have issued a series of annual proclamations designating the month of March as “Women’s History Month.” These proclamations celebrate the contributions women have made to the United States and recognize the specific achievements women have made over the course of American history in a variety of fields.” 

Both International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month are celebrated in a variety of ways - whether it’s through artwork, television specials, political speeches, classroom learning initiatives, social media posts, and more. Additionally, each year The National Women’s History Alliance designates a yearly theme for Women's History Month. The 2022 theme is "Women Providing Healing, Promoting Hope." This theme is "both a tribute to the ceaseless work of caregivers and frontline workers during this ongoing pandemic and also a recognition of the thousands of ways that women of all cultures have provided both healing and hope throughout history."

As you can see, both holidays are great ways to celebrate the incredible women in your life (but you should celebrate women every day!). We’ve come up with a few ways to celebrate this very important holiday - by taking care of yourself and the women around you. Plus, we give you a self-care gift guide for the women in your life - why not treat them to a little something to show your appreciation? 

 How to Celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month

  1. Send the women in your life a card through the mail

Since it’s so uncommon these days, getting a card in the mail from your loved ones is actually a very thoughtful and sweet surprise. Pick up a few old-fashioned greeting cards (don’t forget stamps) for the women in your life and write them a heartfelt letter letting them know why they are so important to you. It’s a small gesture that will go a long way.

  1. Donate to and/or support a women’s nonprofit organization 

Chances are, there are probably many women in your community that could use your help. Look online to see if there are any local nonprofits that support women in need, and see if you can donate your time or money to the cause. Lots of women’s shelters are in need of common toiletries like feminine hygiene products, bath, and body products, so you can always start with the ones in your area to see if they need your help. 

  1. Support female entrepreneurs

This Women's History Month, instead of buying from large corporations (looking at you Amazon), support female entrepreneurs and female-owned brands. Whether that’s buying something from an Etsy shop or supporting local vendors, shopping small really does make a difference and is a great way to empower and support female entrepreneurs. 

  1. Brush up on your women’s history and current issues facing women today

Whether you choose to read books by female authors, listen to a podcast or watch a documentary, spend a little time this month to brush up on current issues that are affecting women today and take a look back at how far women have come. If you’re interested in female education across the globe, we suggest viewing the award-winning documentary Girl Rising

  1. Treat yourself to a self-care day

If you identify as a woman, this is your month to celebrate too! Take at least one day this month to dedicate to yourself - whether that’s an at-home spa day, a mani/pedi, getting your hair done, getting a facial or a massage, etc., do one nice thing for yourself because you deserve it. 

Skincare Essentials to Gift The Women in Your Life 

  1. A Skin-Softening, Exfoliating Cleanser

The Better Bean Clean Face Coffee Cleanser not only smells absolutely AMAZING but has good-for-you ingredients like Citric Acid to brighten skin tone, along with finely ground Apricot Seed Powder to naturally buff away blackheads and impurities. If the ladies in your life are coffee lovers like us, they’ll be thrilled to know this cleanser is formulated with Coffea Arabica Seed Extract, which helps brighten and improve skin texture. 

  1. A Deep-Cleaning, Detoxifying Mud Mask

If your bestie’s been stressed out, chances are her skin might be showing it. Help revive tired and dull skin with ingredients like jojoba oil, shea butter, and iron oxides. This mask was created to help decongest pores and banish the look of sun damage, all while eliminating dirt, dead skin cells, and oils. Using the magic of magnetic healing, the mask will give your friend soft skin and a radiant glow - which we could all totally use.

  1. Bath Bombs to Eliminate Stress and Promote Relaxation 

Gone are the days of bath bombs that dry out your skin. The Fizzy Macaron Bath Bomb set not only looks super cute but has some amazing skin benefits too. Get ready to treat the deserving women in your life to super soft skin and a relaxing bath experience all in one cute package. 

  1. An Under Eye Mask to Get Rid of Dark Circles and Puffy Undereyes 

Instead of using concealer, we love an undereye mask to target the problem instead of covering it up. These Perk Up Your Eyes Caffeine Dermis Masks are amazing at reducing wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles, and they’re a must-have in any skincare routine. With ingredients like aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, and green tea extract, puffy under-eyes are no match for this mask - the women in your life are gonna LOVE it.

Were you familiar with Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day? How are you going to celebrate the women in your life this year? Let us know your plans in the comments below or tag us in your self-care moments on Instagram!

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