Beauty Experts Love the Callyssee Hot Stuff Thermal Mask!

Since our Callyssee Hot Stuff Thermal Mask was introduced in the market, beauty bloggers and experts from all over the country have tried it and loved it. They have also recommended it to their followers and to those closest to them.

The Callyssee Hot Stuff Thermal Mask contains kaolin (the mask is clay-based, for us non-scientific peeps). It works by using your own body heat to warm up the mask, giving your skin a pleasant and cozy feeling -- especially when used on a cold rainy day or snowy night!

Callyssee Cosmetics - Hot Stuff Thermal Heating Mask

The mask contains four key active ingredients that provide amazing results and are exceptionally beneficial for healthier skin. These killer ingredients are clay, zeolite, zinc oxide and organic green coffee "Coffea Arabica" (the last of which we love to include in every product!).

The Benefits

  • Clay is used for smoothing lines and wrinkles
  • Zeolite is a mineral that acts as a skin detox to remove pollutants and oils and can also balance the skin's PH, balancing you out
  • Zinc oxide is the ingredient used to calm irritated skin
  • Organic green coffee "Coffea Arabica" has the benefit of fighting dark spots and fine lines

Come check our mask's product page for more on how these ingredients can help you achieve a more beautiful, healthier complexion. Or, you can read what expert beauty blogger Alison from Never Say Die Beauty had to say about the Callyssee Hot Stuff Thermal Mask.

Try the Callyssee Hot Stuff Thermal Mask

We know that you will love our Hot Stuff Thermal Mask, we also want you to check out how coffee can: Brighten and rejuvenate your skin while fighting the early signs of aging.

At Callyssee, we would like to thank our community of beauty bloggers and experts and would like to invite you to try and review our products. (Are you a beauty blogger or editor? Get in touch with us using our contact form to review our awesome products!)

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