Ten Awesome Benefits Of Coffee Bean Extract For Your Skin

Coffee is gradually gaining a reputation as a potent skincare ingredient - and rightfully so! But when it comes to the line of skincare and beauty products from Callyssee Cosmetics, we’re not talking about just ordinary coffee. Most of our products use what is known as Coffea Arabica (Organic Green Coffee) Seed Extract, which packs an antioxidant wallop far beyond that of ordinary coffee. In fact, studies have shown that it has 10 times the antioxidant potential of green tea, so you know it will pack a powerful punch. Let's talk about some of the many benefits of coffee bean extract, from brightening and tightening skin to smoothing texture and beyond.

10 Awesome Benefits Of Coffee Bean Extract For Your Skin

#1 It Boosts Collagen Production

Collagen is the building block for healthy, beautiful and younger-looking skin. So if you want to keep your skin looking youthful and fresh, or even rejuvenate skin that’s starting to lose its luster, then this is a good place to start. Another collagen booster is Vitamin C, so for a double whammy collagen surge, try our Lighten Up Brighten Up Vitamin C Serum!

#2 It Firms Your Skin

Coffee has a diuretic effect that pulls moisture out of fat cells. When it comes to the fresh firmness of your face, this is definitely a positive attribute.

#3 It Reduces Redness

In studies of coffee bean extract, one of the secondary and unexpected benefits of all those antioxidants was a reduction in redness of the skin. It’s yet another reason to give the extract a closer look.

#4 It Improves Texture

If smooth skin is what you’re after (and who isn’t?), then you’ll love the impact of coffee bean extract on your skin’s texture. Banishing wrinkles is just one of many ways it evens out the skin’s rough texture.

#5 It Rids You of Wrinkles

And now we come to the big one. Study after study has shown that the powerful antioxidants in coffee bean extract not only prevent wrinkles, but they can actually help to fix wrinkles that have already started to appear. If you want to focus on this area, try our Extra Smooth Anti-Aging Cream.

#6 It Protects You from the Sun

The sun’s powerful UV rays are one of the skin’s greatest enemies, but the antioxidants in coffee bean extract are like an extra suit of armor that can block the damage that the sun can inflict.

#7 It Boosts Circulation

Smooth, even skin tone is all about good blood circulation, and coffee bean extract definitely plays a role in that regard, as well. You can get your blood pumping with this ingredient in your skincare product, especially an all-body hydrator like our Soft Whipped Body Cream or Smooth-as-Butter Body Butter in Vanilla or Brown Sugar.

#8 It Makes Your Skin Brighter

Add up all the ways that coffee bean extract repairs tissue, boosts circulation and enhances hydration, and another effect is brighter, radiant skin. Our Lighten Up Brighten Up Vitamin C Serum is the bomb dot com at brightening up your mug.

#9 It Moisturizes the Skin

Speaking of hydration, that’s yet another feather in coffee bean extract’s cap. And considering the negative impact that dryness can have on your skin, some extra hydration is always good.

#10 It Fights Early Signs of Aging

Wrinkles aren’t the only enemy that coffee bean extract goes after. Even before wrinkles, it works to stave off the fine lines that ultimately can turn into wrinkles. Be proactive with our Whipped Moisturizing Cream for Normal to Dry or Normal to Oily Skin.

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