3 Easy Ways to Reduce Cellulite At Home:

Reduce Cellulite At Home
Let’s talk about cellulite. It’s estimated that somewhere between 80 and 90 percent of women experience cellulite, so if you have it, you’re definitely not alone. It’s so common, in fact, that there are so many solutions out there to target it! We’ve put together a guide to 3 easy ways to reduce cellulite at home. Keep reading to see how we target this super common condition. 

What is cellulite?

According to Healthline, “cellulite occurs when the skin overlying certain areas of fat is pulled downward to the deeper tissues by connective tissue bands”. It causes an uneven surface and the result is lumpy, uneven skin, most commonly found on hips, thighs, chest, and buttocks. 

What causes cellulite?

Cellulite is caused by a buildup of fat below the surface of the skin. Anyone can experience cellulite, and while it can commonly be caused by weight gain, that’s not always the case. You can be genetically predisposed to cellulite amongst other factors like skin thickness, age, and body fat percentage.

Easy Ways to Reduce Cellulite at Home

  1. Exercise

One way to target cellulite is with exercise, especially for cellulite on your butt and thighs. Through strengthening the muscles in your legs, the skin can appear tighter and help lessen the appearance of cellulite. Some of the best exercises for building muscle in this area are moves like squats, wall sits, donkey kicks, fire hydrants, lunges or deadlifts. Be sure to mix in cardio to help burn fat. And don’t forget to eat a balanced diet full of healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and protein.

  1. Physical Exfoliation

Another way to help reduce the appearance of cellulite is with exfoliation. When you exfoliate you’ll get rid of dead skin cells and help lessen the way cellulite looks on your skin. We recommend our Buffing Beans Coffee Scrub to combat cellulite. Formulated with 100% natural ingredients like olive oil, brown sugar, almond oil, and organic coffee, this caffeinated product really packs a punch! The act of massaging the scrub into your skin helps stimulate circulation and blood flow, helping reduce the appearance of cellulite. And did we mention it’s vanilla bean scented? Yum!

  1. At-Home Devices

Since the pandemic started, many of us have been turning to at-home beauty devices to target our most common skin and body concerns. The SculptTech EMS Body Sculpting Pro is a beauty device that’s well worth the investment. By massaging, lifting, and using EMS (electric muscle stimulator) technology, this device helps you to achieve relaxed muscles while lifting and firming skin with just a click of a button. The EMS mode is known to penetrate epidermal cells, increase collagen production, and restore the elasticity of skin. If you’re looking for the ultimate at-home beauty device to reduce the appearance of cellulite, this one’s for you. And the best part? You can also use it as a massage tool to soothe sore muscles after a tough workout.

Let’s talk. Do you experience cellulite? What’s your favorite tip for reducing cellulite?

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