Facial Sheet Mask Collection Set


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Refresh and Renew your Skin Looks with our 3 Facial Sheet Masks Fundle.   

Why Use it:

- Brightens your skin
- More vibrant, happy and beautiful look
- Say goodbye to blackheads

The Set Contains:

- 3 Java Jolt Instant Brightening Facial Sheet Masks
- 3 Caffeine Rush Nourishing Facial Sheet Masks
- 3 Late Collagen Facial Sheet Mask

Mask Description

Java Jolt Brightening Masks

Exposure to too much sun or too much fun can sometimes leave your face looking dull, blotchy and uneven. This jolt of java in handy dandy sheet mask form, brightens the look of your skin with ingredients like White Mulberry Bark Extract, which is often used to lighten sun spots and soften visible damage.

Green Tea Leaf Extract is a powerful ingredient believed to work beneath the skin’s surface to increase the feel of microcirculation, while adding a certain freshness to your face. Our superstar ingredient, Organic Coffea Arabica Seed Extract contains inflammatory ingredients and can also fade the look of damage and discoloration.

Caffeine Rush Nourishing Masks

What’s better than that perfect cup of coffee first thing in the morning? Our Caffeine Rush Nourishing Facial Sheet Mask!

This mask is infused with caffeine and nutrients to wake up your inner beauty and turn on your outer glow. A cocktail of skin loving ingredients includes nature’s nearly perfect skin softener, Argan Kernal Oil and Soybean Seed Extract, which feel like a rich skin treat. Our hero ingredient, Organic Coffea Arabica Seed Extract, is known to help with encouraging cell renewal and soothing the skin, while Panax Ginseng Root Extract, feels great on your skin and can add a delicate flush to your face.

Late Collagen Facial Sheet Mask

Did you ever wish you could simply peel your blemishes or dry spots away? Well, with our new, rich chocolatey peel off mask, you can gently degunk your face and banish all T-Zone nastiness.

Our formulation looks and smells just like rich delish chocolate, and unlike the sketchy ingredients included in insta-DIY versions, our peel off technology is formulated to deep clean without damaging even the most sensitive skin. Illite, or Green French Clay, absorbs impurities and cleans away dead skin cells from the surface.

Glycerin softens without clogging, while Cinnamal, derived from chamomile oil, gently purifies pores. Our gold star ingredient, antioxidant rich Coffee Arabica (Organic Green Coffee) Seed Extract, works to smooth the overall look of your complexion. 

How to Use:

Use on cleansed skin. Apply to face, aligning it properly with eyes, nose, and lips. Press mask lightly until it adheres completely. Remove mask after 15-20 minutes and gently massage the remaining essence into skin.

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