Stanija Dobrojević Gets Her Callyssee Box

Serbian-American model and singer Stanija Dobrojević shared her experience opening her Callyssee box with her 531k followers on Instagram this week. She made an Instagram story to show how she went through her Callyssee box, unveiling various products one by one.

Dobrojević, known as the "Serbian Bombshell," is a self-proclaimed young economist and owner of organic skincare line "Organic Cosmetics", in addition to being the winner of the reality show Farma 6 and a former participant Survivor Srbija VIP: Costa Rica.

Stanija Callyssee box

The Callyssee box we sent to Stanija Dobrojević includes the following products:

At Callyssee, we love all-natural and organic ingredients that leave your skin better than we found it. If you want that glow, we've got your back!

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