Models Are Loving Callyssee's Popular Whipped Moisturizing Cream

Models are loving Callyssee. Callyssee has been featured on The Girl with the Blue Typewriter! We are so excited. Eden Davis, model and creator of The Girl with the Blue Typewriter, writes,

This is my daily moisturizer and I absolutely love it! It absorbs very quickly while deeply moisturizing. It's very lightweight, spreads evenly, and wears well under makeup. It's also infused with coffee to revitalize and brighten your skin.

Davis writes about Callyssee's Whipped Moisturizing Cream for Normal to Dry Skin.

models are loving callyssee


Why Models Are Loving Callyssee

This moisture-rich skin soufflé softens skin without leaving a heavy, greasy feeling. Aloe Vera Gel soothes and almost seems to protect skin, while Green Tea Leaf Extract quenches skin from the inside out and helps plump up skin.

Calendula Extract is a little like nature's first aid kit - it soothes the look of irritation and inflammation and is gentle enough for almost all skin types.

Calmer skin seems rejuvenated, repaired, and glowing from within. Coffea Arabica (Organic Green Coffee) Extract is our gold star ingredient which works with other active ingredients to soften the look of sun damage as it gently pampers skin.

Why We Love Callyssee

We love Callyssee because Callyssee is super affordable!

We also love love the ingredients. Coffee is such a great ingredient because it helps stimulate the top layer of the skin with massage and a nice perk-me-up. We are happy to be able to infuse coffee into our days, morning, noon, and night, for optimal benefits. You can find Coffea Arabica in all of our body products.

Calendula is another great ingredient - it has anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. We are so happy Callyssee helps us reap so many benefits! You can find calendula in our Whipped Body Cream for Normal to Dry Skin, or also in Normal to Oily Skin.

Why You'll Love Callyssee

We think you'll be very happy with Callyssee. Our organic products blended with some of the best ingredients out there will give you skin so soft and supple, you'll never want to use anything else.

To get your hands on our favorite products (and soon, yours), click here.


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