Everything You Need To Know For Transitioning A Summer to Fall Skincare Routine

So, the unofficial end of summer is upon us. The days are getting shorter and the weather is starting to cool down. (At least in some parts of the country!) While that might mean shorter days spent at the beach or pool, it's time to start transitioning your skincare routine from summer to fall. With the cooler weather on the horizon, it's time to start thinking about transitioning your skincare routine from summer to fall. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! 

As autumn sets in and the temperatures start to drop, it's important to take care of your skin. The air gets drier in the autumn months, leaving your skin dry and irritated. A good quality moisturizer will help to combat this by keeping your skin hydrated and protected from the elements. Look for a rich and creamy moisturizer that you can apply both in the morning and at night. Your skin will thank you for it!

If your skin is on the oily side, you might be able to keep using your summer moisturizer for a little while longer - maybe even until winter. But, if you have skin on the drier side, you might notice your skin feeling a little tight or even catching some flaky patches of skin here or there. Start swapping out a lightweight moisturizer for a thicker cream that you can use on dry patches of skin to keep your face feeling soft and smooth even as the air gets colder.

Switch to a more hydrating cleanser 

A good cleanser is also essential in the fall, as it will help to remove any build-up of dirt and debris that can accumulate on your skin during the day. Choose a product that's gentle enough for daily use, and be sure to follow up with a moisturizer afterward.

Throw away any harsh, drying cleansers you might have been using over the summer and swap it out for a gentle skin milk that will cleanse your skin without over-drying. The last thing you need as the air gets colder is for your cleanser to be causing redness or dry skin. A milky cleanser will keep your skin’s moisture barrier balanced and keep your skin soft. Be sure to wash with warm, not hot, water to avoid over-drying the skin.

Start using a humidifier

One of the best things about autumn is the cooler, crisper weather. But as the temperature starts to drop, so does the moisture in the air. This can leave your skin feeling dry, tight, and itchy. Investing in a humidifier is a great way to combat these effects and keep your skin looking its best. By using a humidifier in your bedroom at night, you'll wake up feeling refreshed and looking radiant. The added moisture will also help to prevent the formation of wrinkles. So if you're looking for a way to stay hydrated and look younger this autumn, be sure to pick up a humidifier.

Find a facial oil that works for your skin type

As autumn approaches and the weather starts to cool down, it's important to take extra care of your skin. One way to do this is by using a facial oil at night. Oils help to seal in moisture and protect your skin from the elements. Look for an oil that is rich in nutrients and antioxidants, and apply it after cleansing and before applying your night cream. A little goes a long way, so start with just a few drops and increase the amount as needed. With regular use, you'll notice that your skin feels softer and smoother.

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Exfoliate less often depending on your skin type

If you're looking to keep your skin looking healthy and radiant during the fall, you might be wondering how often you should exfoliate. The answer: it depends. While some people can get away with exfoliating once a week, others may need to do it more frequently. It all comes down to your skin type and how well you take care of your skin in between exfoliations.

If you have dry or sensitive skin, you'll probably want to stick to exfoliating once a week. But if you have oily or acne-prone skin, you may need to exfoliate more often. The key is to listen to your skin and see what works best for you. And when in doubt, always err on the side of caution and go for the once-a-week exfoliation, especially in colder weather.  Your skin will thank you for it!

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Don’t forget to drink enough water

It's autumn, which means that the weather is starting to get cooler and drier. If you're not careful, your skin can suffer as a result. One of the best ways to prevent dry skin is to drink plenty of water. When your body is properly hydrated, your skin will be better able to retain moisture and stay supple. In addition, water helps to flush out toxins that can cause inflammation and damage skin cells. So make sure to get your eight glasses a day to keep your skin and body hydrated.

So there you have it – a few simple tips for transitioning your skincare routine from summer to fall. By following these guidelines, you'll keep your skin looking and feeling its best all season long.

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