Everything You Need For Glowing Skin This Summer


With the first day of summer right around the corner, many of us are wondering how we’re going to get our skin ready for wearing more revealing clothes and no makeup days at the beach after being covered up all winter. Here’s everything you need to get the skin on your body and face glowing just in time for summer.

Step 1: Buff Away Dead Winter Skin

One of the worst parts of the winter season is how dry and dull our skin gets. Luckily, with some strategic exfoliation, you can get glowing skin in time for summer. Start off with a gentle but effective scrub like our Better Bean Clean Face Coffee Cleanser that buffs away dry skin and blackheads and helps exfoliate dry or discolored skin patches, leaving your skin feeling smooth. And our rock star ingredient, Coffea Arabica Seed Extract brightens and improves the look of skin texture.

Step 2: Start Exfoliating Regularly to Maintain Your Glow

The key to glowing skin? Regular exfoliation, either physical or chemical. If you do an exfoliating treatment at least once a week, you’re well on your way to glowing skin. Exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells that are sitting on the skin’s surface and reveal a brighter complexion, as well as helping unclog pores and getting rid of impurities. If you want a product that really packs a punch, check out our Coffee Crush Exfoliating Peeling Gel that works a physical and chemical exfoliant AND a treatment, leaving the skin radiant, smoother, and more even-toned.

Step 3: Exfoliate Your Body, Too!

You can’t forget about the skin on your body.  Start exfoliating your skin every time you shower to reveal soft, smooth skin and help prevent ingrown hairs and body acne. Treat yourself to our decadent Buffing Beans Coffee Scrub - not only does it smell good enough to eat, but it leaves the skin feeling soft, moisturized, and smooth thanks to ground coffee, brown sugar, and organic grapeseed oil. Try using this before shaving or applying self-tan - thank us later.

Step 4: Start Using an Eye Cream

If you’re not already, you should definitely start incorporating an eye cream into your skincare routine. This Doppio Firming Eye Serum is like a magic potion for dark circles, puffiness, and pesky fine lines. Even after a summer night out on the town, your under eyes will still look bright and hydrated after using this serum - and it sinks in quickly which is perfect for anyone on the go.

Step 5: Maintain Your Glow with a Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C is one of the best ingredients for revealing a glowing complexion and fighting sun damage. It’s basically a must-have for a glowing skin routine. We can’t get enough of our Lighten Up Brighten Up Vitamin C Serum’s amazing blend of Rosehip Oil, Vitamin C, Lemon Balm Leaf Extract, and of course, the amazing Coffea Arabica Seed Extract. It’s a powerhouse for brighter and more even-toned skin and our go-to serum for glowing summer skin.


How do you prep your skin for summer? Let us know your must-have skincare product for summer, below.

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