Heal From the Inside Out: 5 Amazing Benefits of Coffee

Who knows with coffee?! It's is one of those confusing things that's good or bad for you depending on which way the wind is blowing on that particular day. Lately, though, the wind has swung more permanently in coffee’s favor (hence our obsession with coffee here at Callyssee 💕). A host of scientific studies have exposed the amazing benefits of coffee for overall health when consumed in moderation - plus of course for your skin when applied in skincare!

As much as you may love drinking coffee in addition to slathering it on to give us a healthy, sexy glow (and we do love it!) we gotta curb our daily coffee-drinking habit to stay happy and healthy. (We're not alone here at Callyssee HQ when we get cranky from too many cups, right??)

Because the amazing benefits of coffee range from anticarcinogenic (protecting against cancer) to perking us up (what our coffee eye masks do for our face, a cuppa does for our mood!) and giving us clear, radiant skin. So we're happy to moderate our drinking and compensate with delicious coffee treats for our skin.

Let's explore the amazing benefits of coffee so you can fall in crazy-sexy-cool love with coffee just like us (#CallysseeClub 😍) if you haven't already. Ready, set, coffee!

Heal From the Inside Out: 5 Amazing Benefits of Coffee

#1 It Curbs Cancer

The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) did decades of research and concluded last year that "regularly drinking coffee could protect against at least two types of cancer," The New York Times reported.

Even better, the World Cancer Research Fund International said that in moderate amounts, coffee seems to help reduce the risk of all types of cancers (can we have everything be coffee plz?!). Everything from rectal, colon, liver, breast, endometrial and skin cancer risk was slashed by moderate coffee consumption.

Living longer + drinking coffee every day? Yes, please!

#2 It’s Good for Your Heart

A 13-year-long massive study in the Netherlands showed that moderate coffee consumption (1-4 cups per day) lowered heart disease risk by 20% among 37,000 people, according to Dutch Daily News. That's HUGE.

It appears that the inflammation-fighting antioxidants in coffee may play a major role here. Imagine how powerful those antioxidants are if drinking regular coffee can protect your ticker to that extent... No wonder it's so wonderful for your skin!

#3 It Boosts Mood and Memory

Coffee seems to help the brain in all kinds of ways, from boosting your memory and preventing Alzheimer’s disease, to putting you in a better mood and curbing the impact of depression.

Apart from "elevating mood [...] moderate caffeine intake (< 6 cups/day) has been associated with less depressive symptoms, fewer cognitive failures, and lower risk of suicide," a study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information found in 2010.

This is because coffee stimulates the release of dopamine in the brain, making us happier. It’s just another reason to fill up on that morning cuppa Joe.

#4 It Can Help You Get to a Healthy Weight

Coffee seems to promote weight loss all on its own. And when used before or after exercise, it has been shown to improve endurance and enhance recovery after the fact.

The Mayo Clinic noted that, "Caffeine may slightly boost weight loss or prevent weight gain," probably by suppressing hunger and burning more calories.

#5 It’s Great for Your Skin

As an ingredient in skincare and beauty products, coffee both prevents wrinkles and repairs damage from wrinkles that has already occurred. It also brightens and perks and glows up dull, tired skin.

At Callyssee Cosmetics, we boost coffee’s already Wonder Woman-worthy potential by using a high-octane organic green coffee extract (Coffea Arabica) in our skincare line.

This means our cleansers, moisturizers, scrubs, masks -- you name it -- all work overtime to let your natural gorgeousness shine through every single day.

Ready to experience the amazing benefits of coffee on your skin? ☕💕
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