8 Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For the Beauty Loving Mom

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we thought it would be a good idea to put together a gift guide of some perfect skincare and beauty picks for the mother figures in your life who deserve to be pampered. Whether they are just getting into anti-aging skincare or are longtime beauty veterans, there’s something on this list that any woman is sure to appreciate. 

Keep reading to see eight of our best Mother’s Day beauty and skincare gift ideas.

  1. Anti-aging cream

Has your mom started to complain about her skin showing signs of aging or wrinkles? Treat her to this dreamy, luxurious anti-aging cream

The moisture-rich formula has Date Seed extract which is known to have an anti-aging effect thanks to its antioxidant properties. It also has softening shea butter and Coffea Arabica extract that helps skin look fresh and youthful while reducing oxidative and environmental stressors on the skin. With such a powerful combination of anti-aging ingredients, your mom is going to love it! This + a gua sha facial massage tool = anti-wrinkle heaven.


      2. Moisturizing night cream

In addition to anti-aging cream, mom will love a moisturizing cream to finish off her nightly skincare routine. As we get older, our skin also starts to show signs of wear and tear as the years go on. Common signs of aging include wrinkles, “saggy” skin, crow’s feet, sun damage, fine lines, and an overall loss of volume. It’s normal to experience skin aging but keeping the skin hydrated with a heavier night cream works wonders in plumping up the skin.


        3. Gua Sha

Introduce your mom to the world of facial massages with her very own Gua Sha tool. ​​Take her beauty ritual to the next level with this trending massage tool that’s best known as a traditional Chinese healing method, known to improve circulation and lymphatic function and relieve muscle tension. The lightweight tool is easy to use and will leave Mom’s complexion looking glowy and wrinkle-free.

And be sure to teach her how to Gua Sha using this simple three-step process below or check out our blog post on the topic here.

Step One: Cleanse your face, hands, and gua sha tool with your favorite cleanser. Any toners or serums should be applied after cleansing.

Step Two: Apply a generous amount of your favorite facial oil to your face, neck, and chest. Not only will it help the gua sha glide easily across your face, but it helps the experience feel more relaxing and spa-like, especially if your oil has a great scent to it! 

Step Three:  Holding the gua sha at a 30 to a 45-degree angle, gently scrape the tool across your skin in an upward motion to follow the flow of the lymphatic system. ​​

  1. Gift card for a spa, facial or beauty treatment, or an at-home glam session

Stumped on what to get your mom this year? You really cannot go wrong with a gift card for a facial or a spa treatment, like dermaplaning, facial peels, massages, a visit to her favorite hair salon, etc. Moms are so hardworking and deserve to treat themselves, especially after the crazy last few years we’ve had.

You could also see if any salons or spas in your area offer at-home services like blowouts, makeup, mani/pedi, etc, and schedule a session for you and your mom to have an at-home pampering day - bring a bottle (or two) of her favorite wine and a cute robe to celebrate the day. Be sure to take pictures and frame one for your mom so she’ll be able to remember the day!


        2. Floral arrangement

The perfect gift to accompany a bundle of skincare products - a gorgeous floral arrangement! Whether your mom loves roses or prefers peonies, pick some of her favorite colors and flowers for a beautiful mother’s day bouquet. Not only will it brighten her day, but it will brighten up her home environment, too. Bonus points if you get her a gorgeous vase to put them in, too.


        3. Firming Serum

Formulated with anti-aging and antioxidant ingredients, like Vitamin C, Vitamin E and jojoba oil, a firming serum is a lightweight way to start targeting signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles or loss of collagen and elasticity in the skin. You could also combine this serum with an anti-aging cream to really boost the antioxidant effects and make Mom’s day. It’s perfect to use on its own, but works even better combined with other anti-aging and firming products. 


         4. At-home facelift

If your mother figure is scared of needles or totally against botox - meet the Double Shot Instant Face Lift. Within seconds of applying, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles disappear (just count to 60). Heavy-duty wrinkle busters like Coffea Arabica (Organic Green Coffee) Seed Extract along with the gold standard of anti-aging ingredients like Vitamin B-3 work in tandem to target the appearance of lines. Next up: skin-soothing Algae Extract and Witch Hazel gently and effectively deliver a potent dose of power known to protect your skin from premature aging. 

Your mom will love the needle-free results and the product is wallet-friendly for you, too - no visit to the dermatologist required. 


           5. Eye Cream

Make sure you’re not forgetting about the skin under Mom’s eyes! This delicate area requires gentle care, so if she’s applying an eye cream be sure to show her to gently pat it in using a finger. For drier/aging skin types, an eye cream is a must to help freshen up the undereye area and prep for makeup so it doesn’t cling to pesky dry patches. Combine a great eye cream with some de-puffing, cooling under eye masks that will help diminish the appearance of fine lines and Mom will love you forever!

So what are you getting Mom this Mother’s Day? Let us know your fabulous gift idea in the comments below. And don’t forget a card!

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